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Welcome to the Teachery Demo Course! πŸ‘‹
This demo course is built using one of Teachery's course themes so you can get a feel for how courses look and act within Teachery. Everything you see here can be done with our simple and easy-to-use course editor!

You can read about all of our features in this help doc or you can watch some additional Getting Started videos here. We're constantly adding new features to Teachery and are excited for the future of online course creation.

​​​​​​​Click any of the "Get Started" buttons below to learn more about the key parts of Teachery we think you'll love.
2-Week Free Trial
We offer a free 2-week trial with no credit card required. You can create a course, start selling it, and even get paid all before you pick a Teachery plan. Pretty cool, huh? Click here if you're ready to start a trial and go through our extremely quick course creation process.

ps - once you start a 2-week trial, send us a message with the phrase "livedemo" and we'll add an extra week onto your trial! 
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Ease of Use and Customizability

One of the things we take pride in here at Teachery is offering course templates and features that let you customize your course, course...

unlimited everything

Unlimited Course and Students (and Zero Fees!)

If you have 100 courses you want to teach and 50,000 students waiting to sign up for your course, you won't pay a penny more than someone...

Course Editor

Embed and Control Your Content

When it comes to your course lesson content, we aim to give you flexibility while also providing a structure that keeps your students...


Integrate with Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and more!

When you sell online courses it's very likely you also have an email list or you want additional automations to happen with your course...

Wrap Up!

All These Awesome Features Too!

No matter which Teachery pricing plan you choose, they contain the same awesome features: Custom domains, landing pages, expiring payment...