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Embed and Control Your Content

When it comes to your course lesson content, we aim to give you flexibility while also providing a structure that keeps your students engaged and helps them learn. Our lessons use a friendly text editor that can be translated into any language and we support video, images, audio files, slideshows, forms, and various other embeddable content types in course lessons.
What types of content can you add to your lessons?
We want to help you educate your students using whatever natural teaching style works best for you! Whether that's over video, audio, written lessons, etc. Our course lessons have the ability to embed the following services:

YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Loom, essentially any video player that has an iframe or javascript embed code! 

Soundcloud, SimpleCast, Transistor, Libsyn, Google media player, and also any audio player that has an iframe or javascript embed code.

Google Slides, Slideshare, Zoho, Canva, etc. There are tons of slide presentation apps out there but these four are the ones we recommend the most.

If your course has PDFs, worksheets, spreadsheets, or any homework items, we don't host these files as we know you're already saving them somewhere in the cloud. Using Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc, you can simply grab a link to your files and add them to any text within a course lesson!

TypeForm, ofCourseBooks, Google Forms, Wufoo Forms, Survey Monkey, etc. If you want to ask your students questions and interact with them about your lesson content, these are great services to use.


There are a few features we don't have built-in to Teachery

We don't currently have built-in quizzes, but we support the embedding of apps like Qzzr. Our courses are not setup in the SCORM format for downloading/grading/etc. Basically, if you're an institution looking for standardized education tools, Teachery is NOT for you. We focus on helping bloggers, solopreneurs, creative business owners, coaches, yoga instructors, etc, build and sell online courses.

We also don't have built-in course completion certificates. We DO have a course completed email that gets sent when a student clicks all the completed buttons in a course (you'll see this in action if you do that for this demo course). You can include a generic completion certificate in that email but we do not generate this on the fly for you.

Read our Features Help Doc here for more info.