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Integrate with Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and more!

When you sell online courses it's very likely you also have an email list or you want additional automations to happen with your course business. We directly integrate with Mailchimp and ConvertKit and then have a Zapier integration to help with any further automation needs. Basically, if you want data to flow in and out of Teachery, we've got you covered!
How can you use our Zapier integration? 
If you are at the place with your online course business where you need to automate a few tasks (and you don't use Mailchimp or ConvertKit), our Zapier integration works in many different ways.

Take payment outside of Teachery with Zapier (or email form submits)

Our payment processor (Stripe) may not be available in your country or you already have a payment processing service you love, so this part out of Zapier integration is perfect for you. Your payment processor (PayPal, Gumroad, Shopify, ThriveCart, SamCart, etc) will be the first action in a Zapier zap you setup. The second action step will be Teachery's "Add User To Course" trigger. 

Similarly, let's say you have a free online course and you want to have new email subscribers get access to your course by submitting an email form on your website. Your email provider (Active Campaign, MailerLite, Campaign Monitor, Drip, etc) would be the first action and, again, Teachery's "Add User To Course" would be the second action.

Send Teachery customer data wherever you want

The second way our Zapier integration works is when a customer buys your course OR enters their email on a Teachery Landing Page, Teachery is the first action in your Zap setup. Then, the second action could be whisking your customer's data from Teachery INTO your email provider, spreadsheet, etc. Whether it's a purchase or new email capture in Teachery, you can use Zapier to send that data elsewhere.

Don't worry if this all sounds confusing! You don't actually need ANY of these fancy integrations or automations if you just want to create, promote, and sell your courses with ease.