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Wrap Up!
All These Awesome Features Too!

No matter which Teachery pricing plan you choose, they contain the same awesome features: Custom domains, landing pages, expiring payment pages, membership sites, lesson locking schedule, course progress bars, custom CSS, custom fonts, and a myriad of upcoming features we're currently working on!

As a reminder, we offer a Monthly ($49/month) and Annual ($470/year) plans and don't charge you any transaction fees. You can cancel at any time. 
Ready to start your free 2-week trial (no CC required)?
Our free 2-week trial does not require a credit card and you can use Teachery fully-featured for the two weeks! That means you can create and sell your own online course, get paid, all before you pay us a single dollar. Not too shabby, huh?

When you sign up for our trial we also send you a series of helpful emails to get your course up and running as well as building a plan to market and sell your course! While we can't sell your course for you, we do give you the lessons and knowledge we've learned from our own courses and tons of Teachery customer experience over the years.

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Once you start a 2-week free trial don't forget to send us a message that says "livedemo" and we'll add an EXTRA week onto your trial, free of charge! 🥳

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Hope you enjoyed this demo course and seeing Teachery in action.